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  • BiologiCAL PLUS

    BiologiCAL PLUS

    Excellent form of plant-available Calcium (Ca). Molasses excellent food source for soil microbes. With all the added benefits of fish emulsion, kelp, humic a... more

    from $1.93 per L
  • QuadSHOT


    A blend of balanced biostimulants - kelp, fish emulsion, humic acid and molasses. Assists in maintaining beneficial soil micro-organisms. These micro-organis... more

    from $4.54 per L
  • Bio Kelp

    Bio Kelp

    Liquid seaweed (kelp) concentrate ideal for enhancing soil health and crop nutrient balance. Contains a wide range of naturally occurring plant nutrients and... more

    from $4.54 per L
  • Baseline PLUS

    Baseline PLUS

    NPK fertiliser that also contains a good balance of Trace Elements and organic biostimulants. Available nutrients are rapidly taken up for quick plant growt... more

    from $2.99 per L
  • TE 6 PLUS

    TE 6 PLUS

    Cost-effective source of Trace Elements (Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mo, B, Fe) for a general spread of nutrients. Presence of Nitrogen (N) and Fulvic Acid to assist upt... more

    from $2.54 per L
  • Cal Mag & Boron

    Cal Mag & Boron

    Calcium (Ca) strengthens cell structure and helps with the uptake of Nitrogen (N). Magnesium (Mg) deficiencies can result in unattractive lawn yellowing. Bor... more

    from $1.55 per L

6 Item(s)

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